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About SanggGeet Juniors

Sangg Geet Juniors is an online singing contest organized by Sangg Geet to bring out the talent of youngsters (between 8 years and 15 years of age) and offer them a great platform to showcase their potential. This online singing contest is also an attempt to channelize the happiness and cheer that music brings in the lives of people and especially during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Sangg Geet Juniors will not only choose the best of the best but will also ensure that every participant derives the maximum benefit. Interaction with the mentors, learning valuable tips and techniques in singing and a participation certificate to every single participant.

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Our recent event, The Millenial Show

Our recent event, The Millenial Show

The millennial show contestants sharing their experience with Sangg Geet

Who We Are

Sangg Geet is a group of passionate Hindi film music aficionados who have come together to create unforgettable evenings of live singing that are a celebration of quality music.

We aim at providing a professional platform fo aspiring singers along with the objective to recreate the magic of Indian music.

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Mythili Venkatesh, Service, Bharat Petroleum: SanggGeeta platform created by the awesome trio Murali Narasimhan, Badri Iyengar and Mohan Gopinath started off by offering a stage to Karaoke singers. With each program they raised their own benchmark what with roping in chief guests of dignity, the movie travia shared on stage, the theme based programs, and it was not too long before that they started performing with live musicians..It was as if their passion rubbed off onto the singer’s too. Such was each one’s performance.

I will not be wrong when I say that the pandemic which brought the whole world to its knees did not effect SanggGeet, rather they grew by leaps and bounds by going Digital. Their tying up with Smule and giving passionate singers accross the globe an opportunity to participate in The Millinieal Show saw a participation in thousands.

As has been said.” A goal has limits but Passion has none”,
The passionate threesome have put their heart and soul into SanggGeet.
I wish team SanggGeet all success and would like to add..
“Like Music has no boundaries, so should Team SanggGeet’s popularity be”.

Reena Shah: Hi I am Reena Shah and have been a fan of Sangg Geet right from their first show. I have attended every show of theirs and find it very refreshing and interesting. The anecdotes and small nuggets of information that Mohan Gopinath provides makes it interesting and the theme of shows is very refreshing.

The Nostalgia Series of shows which they started by paying tribute to each decade of Hindi film industry was absolutely brilliant. Their team of singers and the musicians made it an evening worth remembering.

I wish Team Sangg Geet the best of luck and hope that their name and fame always goes up and above.

Srinivasan Narayanaswamy, Founder, Tranquil Charitable Foundation: On behalf of the students of GHPS and all of us at the Tranquil Charity Foundation, I thank Sanggeet for being a vocal supporter of our work. True to their name, they have been melodious partners with us on our quest to improve the educational experiences and opportunities for the kids of Gubbalala Higher Primary Government School. Right from their very first show, they have leveraged their skills and the power of music to bring people together in support of our work and we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to them for the same.

Geet gaate hai hum, gun gunaate hai hum, humne bacchon se waada kiya tha kabhi, isLiye ab Sanggeet ke saath chalte hain hum.

I wish Team Sangg Geet the best of luck and hope that their name and fame always goes up and above.

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